Quantares Sport Bracelet

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Electromagnetic support for postural rebalancing.

The Quantares Sport bracelet is a apply to the wrist , operating through very low intensity electromagnetic emissions, powered both by the user’s infrared emission (body heat) and by ambient light.
The effects generated are therefore the consequence of a physical and not a chemical process.
The electromagnetic impulses generated by the device, acting through mechanical stimulation, induce selective decontraction of the musculoskeletal system, thus rebalancing muscle tension. The device consequently has an influence on bilateral muscle tone.
The result is a postural rebalancing that is highlighted in the symmetry of the plantar support , in the reduction of iliac crest discrepancies and in the optimization of mandibular occlusion. These improvements can reduce inflammation resulting from incorrect postural patterns.
The optimization of muscle tone can be highlighted in a better energy management of the muscular system itself which can also lead to improvements in endurance and physical performance.
These results can also manifest themselves thanks to the improvement of proprioception, a concept that in summary can be described as the individual’s ability to perceive and recognize the position of their body in space. This results in better coordination and motor efficiency.
The device can therefore be of great help in case of discomfort and skeletal muscle problems.
Thanks to the improvement of postural patterns, even sportsmen who wish to recover or optimize physical performance could appreciate its e ffects.