Sequential release carbohydrates.

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Dextrin Booster is an innovative and latest generation product with a balanced formulation that helps athletes to better manage their energies during sports performance.

Dextrin Booster is not a normal maltodextrin but it is a mix of latest generation carbohydrates that allow a regular and constant energy flow which makes it particularly suitable for all sports of endurance.

Dextrin Booster contains “CLUSTER DEXTRIN®” that is highly branched cyclic dextrins, ie molecules capable of releasing energy in a slow and graduated way.

Dextrin Booster also contains “PALATINOSE®”, a low glycemic index carbohydrate that has the ability to promote fat oxidation.

The product also contains Maltodextrin chain 19, another carbohydrate capable of releasing energy in a constant and regular way.

All these elements work perfectly in synergy with each other making Dextrin Booster the ideal product for the sportsman looking for high-level performance.

After taking Dextrin Booster, thanks to its particular formulation, the body begins to gradually release glucose and regulate fat metabolism as it is not hindered by excesses insulin therefore the energy lasts a long time delaying the feeling of tiredness.


Highly branched cyclic dextrin (Cluster DextrinTM), isomaltulose * (PalatinoseTM), maize maltodextrin DE19, acidifier: citric acid; flavorings, sweetener: sucralose; dye: carotenes.

How to use

Dissolve 30 g of product (2 full scoops) in 300 ml of water and take during physical activity or immediately before.

Format: 600 g
Flavor: Citrus, Neutral