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Egg white protein supplement

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EGG PROTEIN is a supplement based on egg white proteins which are the ideal choice for all those who do not tolerate dairy products.

The ovo-albumins enjoy a complete amino acid profile, characterized by an excellent balance between the various essential amino acids.

The digestion times of egg proteins are intermediate, consequently they have an excellent satiating power.

They carry out a myoprotective action, through the post-workout reduction of muscle damage markers such as CPK (creatine kinase) and LDH (lactic dehydrogenase), an immunomodulating action, valuable in controlling cellular activity during periods of intense physical exercise and an anti-inflammatory action , essential for reducing post-workout muscle inflammation, often associated with a reduction in performance due to the lengthening of recovery times.

They also improve blood chemistry parameters such as transaminases and reduce blood concentrations of markers of muscle damage.
PACKAGING: 750 g – 25 servings
HOW TO USE: dissolve 30 g per day (equal to 3 scoops) in 200
Nutritional information :