Crostino Classic oil start 50 g Feeling ok

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crunchy and golden, try them as a snack

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Crunchy croutons with only 4g of carbohydrates and 22.5g of protein per serving. Excellent to enrich your favorite dishes or as a savory snack ready to be enjoyed. Available in the classic or cheese version.

Ingredients: wheat protein (GLUTEN), acacia fiber, OAT protein, rice protein, WHEAT fiber, extra virgin olive oil, natural yeast, salt, emulsifier: E471, sunflower lecithin.


Nutritional values 1 portion
medium 100g 50g
Energy 385 Kcal 193 Kcal
1612 KJ 806 KJ
Fat 13.00g 6.50g
– of which saturated fatty acids 5.00g 2.50g
Carbohydrates 8.00g 4.00g
– of which sugars 1.00g 0.50g
Fibers 28.00g 14.00g
Protein 45.00g 22.50g
Salt 1.32g 0.66g
– of which sodium 528mg 264mg

If you are looking for

  • an enviable shape without sacrificing taste
  •  delicious low-carb salty snack
  •  a delicious and healthy meal without flour
  • a healthy crouton designed for your low carb diet
  • a food that respects vegan or vegetarian choices
  • the feeling ok crostino is the best answer on the market to your needs.

Why choose them

  • Yes to fitness: it nourishes muscle tone thanks to 22.5 grams of protein per serving
  • No to surprises on the scale: it helps to keep the carbohydrate quota under control
  • No to hunger: it has high satiating power (14 grams of fiber per serving)
  • Yes to the taste: as tasty and gratifying as a traditional crouton
  • Always with you: thanks to the convenient and practical single portions
    Net weight: 50gr